10 Data Backup Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Plenty of things can cause data loss. The most common are hardware failure and human error, but software corruption, computer viruses, theft, and natural disasters like floods and fires might occur, as well.

Chrome, Firefox updates fix severe security bugs

Google and Mozilla are each urging users to patch serious vulnerabilities in their respective web browsers, Chrome and Firefox, that could be exploited to allow threat actors to take over users’ systems.

Buran: The New Dangerous Ransomware

Buran is an encryption virus that encrypts your files and prevents access to them. The Buran ransomware first was discovered by nao_sec (Cyber Security Research Team) in June 2019.

Security Specialists vs Developers

Unless you have been under a rock recently, you will have noticed that rarely a day goes by without another serious security problem arising. While there is plenty of blame to go around for these endless security problems, part of this blame is directed towards developers responsible for writing bad code.