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Intellope has recently developed an application that allows you to speed up the registration process of people, in disasters or emergency situations. One of its essential functions is controlling and monitoring affected people during emergency situations. The application called QREG is unique, creative and an innovative solution, that runs on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Consisting of several modules QREG has various options that allows data, information and its attributes to be entered, imported, stored, exported and visualized online. The application features an interactive and easy to navigate interface. In addition to application development, Intellope also offers services like support, maintenance and integration of custom-built modules. The company can provide end to end support & service with complete design, development, testing and deployment to emergency situations.
euracare flight qreg intellope
euracare flight intellope qreg
qreg intellope
Utilizing our experience and success in the industry, Intellope would provide you outstanding IT outsourcing services, with the use of proven processes and methods. Furthermore, Intellope offers IT outsourcing services “on site” including implementation of special techniques at heavy-duty conditions. This consists of monitoring alerts, providing technical support and coordination by trained IT experts sent to the field.
intellope qreg
intellope qreg
QREG has been successfully implemented in the EURACARE Flight & Shelter project. This is a new entity of the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union. The Mechanism was set up to enable coordinated assistance from the participating states, to victims of natural and man-made disasters in Europe and elsewhere.

The EURACARE Flight & Shelter team trained their capabilities to evacuate people during the last module exercise (ModEX) in Tinglev, Denmark and Rendsburgh, Germany. The exercise is part of the ModEX programme financed by the European Commission. Intellope’s IT experts flew to the imaginary country “Modulistan” where an earthquake had happened. Cooperating with embassies, ministries of Foreign Affairs and other volunteers, Intellope’s IT experts drove the whole process of evacuation. The team managed the registration process of affected people by using QREG. It helped other teams with logistical support for transportation.

EURACARE Flight & Shelter is a prevention and preparedness project of DG ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations). It contains a multinational aerial & medical evacuation capacity with attached shelter component for consular assistance. Johanniter –Germany, accompanied by members from Finland, Hungary, the Slovak Samaritans, the Government of Styria and the Slovak Government Flight Service are all involved in this project.

Two weeks ago, the EURACARE Flight & Shelter was registered in the Common Emergency Communication and Information System (CECIS) of the European Commission as deployable, multi-national module within the Union, Civil Protection Mechanism to support consular authorities on request.

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