Sarah Vajdova

From Eye-catching Digital Menu Boards to Higher Sales and Profits

Display Signage or Digital menu boards pose a very useful tool in brand marketing when used properly. Thanks to digital menu boards, we’re able to communicate the product clearly, which can lead to stronger brand image and potentially it can reflect on increase in sales. Digital menu boards are saving costumers’ time and sellers’ money – by saving them from costs that are related to printed menus.

Vasil Dzadik

Why IT documentation and SOP are important

What happens when a team member is sick, takes vacation days, or—worst of all—quits abruptly? If the knowledge for serving a certain customer only exists in that employee’s head, customer will be left in the lurch in the event of an IT emergency.

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Vasil Dzadik

The Future of Remote Work: 8 Ways to Win

Now, many organizations are realizing that there are benefits to having a distributed workforce—if they can solve the biggest technology challenge that remote work presents: network access and management. Remote workers have been wrestling with a plethora of network-related problems, from overly complex login and authentication processes to slow-running apps.

Peter Rusinak

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Digital Restaurant Menu

Among all the industries that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry (including hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, pubs, clubs, and lounges) has taken the hardest hit. As of now, we are not entirely certain of what the industry will look like post-COVID-19. However, many restaurant and hotel owners are working hard to find solutions that will put their businesses in a position to stay strong and recover quickly once the crisis subsides.

Vasil Dzadik

Backup: Lessons from OVHcloud’s data center fire

The conflagration in Strasbourg in Eastern France took down millions of websites across Europe and Africa, including government agency portals, banks, retailers, news websites, and an estimated 2% of the entire .FR country domain. Despite a quick response, 100 local firefighters were neither able to contain the blaze nor identify its cause.

Vasil Dzadik

5G: A Big Technology Boost is Coming to Telecom

When consumers think of communications innovation, they tend to think of apps (Uber, Netflix) or smartphone vendors (Apple, Google). Few realize how much complex technology is behind the telecommunications networks that ensure those apps and phones work as advertised.

Vasil Dzadik

Stealing Facebook accounts

If you receive a message saying your Facebook account has been blocked for copyright violation, don’t panic. It’s most likely just another phishing scam.

Jakub Liscinsky

Chrome, Firefox updates fix severe security bugs

Google and Mozilla are each urging users to patch serious vulnerabilities in their respective web browsers, Chrome and Firefox, that could be exploited to allow threat actors to take over users’ systems.

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